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For Adjoining Owners

An Adjoining Owner is an occupier or owner of land, buildings, storeys or rooms adjoining those of the building owner and for the purposes only of section 6 within the distances specified in that section.

If your neighbours are proposing to undertake any of the following works adjacent to your property, they may be required to serve you with a notice:


Loft Conversions

Basement Conversions

Garage Conversions

Converting Houses into Flats

Internal Alternations

Demolition and re-building of party wall

Underpinning the party wall

Knocking down and rebuilding a party wall / party fence wall

Cutting into a party wall or ceiling/floor (if a party structure such as in flats) for any purpose, but generally to accommodate load bearing beams and bearings

Reducing or increasing the height of the party wall

Inserting a damp proof course etc.

Removing partitions or chimney breasts from a party wall

Excavations and foundations within 3 metres and to a greater depth than the foundations of any structure or building belonging to an Adjoining Owner

Excavations and foundations within 6 metres of an Adjoining Owner’s structure or building that intersects a 45° line drawn from the bottom of the Adjoining Owner’s foundations

Work to some boundary walls, known as “party fence walls

New building up to or astride the boundary line


What do I do if I receive a Notice?

If you are an Adjoining Owner and you receive a notice under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, you will have 14 days to carefully consider how to safeguard your interests. You have three options as follows:

Consent to the Notice and choose not to appoint a surveyor:
If you have no objection to the works and are confident that the risk thereof is minimal, then you may consent to the works and the Building Owner will be able to proceed with his proposed work without the appointment of surveyor/s.

Dissent to the Notice and appoint your own surveyor:
You are entitled to appoint your own surveyor and he/she and the Building Owner’s Surveyor will prepare an award authorising the rights of the Building Owner to proceed with his proposed works.

Dissent to the Notice and concur in the appointment of an Agreed Surveyor:
You may concur in the appointment of one surveyor (Agreed Surveyor) to represent both parties’ interests and he/she will act i


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